Farm House Meat now for Sale!


All animals have been raised on our farm. Available for delivery, pickup at the weekly Nat Bailey Farmers Market or at our farm shop:

– Grass-fed Beef
– Grass-fed Lamb
– Grass-fed Goat
– Heritage breed Pork

List of Assorted cuts & prices, including a family pack option, COMING SOON…

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  1. Maria says:

    Your products sound amazing… Are your meats grass fed and grass finished? Any chance you’ll be selling your meats at other locations – say the North Shore? I would rather buy independently than go to Whole Foods in West Van – but are you going to be selling them there too at some point? Haven’t noticed if your cheeses are at WF either?

    Also, do you make/sell yogurt?

    So wonderful to have a quality source!

    Thanks so much.

    North Vancouver resident seeking quality meats and dairy for my toddler!

  2. Maria says:

    Any chance your meats, cheeses and dairy will be selling on the North Shore outside of Whole Foods West Vancouver? I would rather support you at a farmer’s market or independent shop than WF. Say at a market stand at Lonsdale Quay or Sprouts in North Vancouver?

    Could you tell me if all your meats are grass-fed and grass-finished?

    Do you make/sell yogurt as well?

    Seeking quality meats and dairy for my toddler. Sounds like you are doing an awesome job.

    • Thanks Maria for your inquiry. Yes we make a thick, creamy Greek-style yogurt which is very popular at the stores where it is sold (Whole Foods, and next week: Fresh St Market) and Farmers Markets. It is the only yogurt on the market that contains no artifical thickeners. We attend the Vancouver Farmers Market (Nat Bailey Stadium) every Saturday 10am-2pm, where you can purchase all our products direct from us. This summer we intend to sell our products at the Trout Lake & Kitsilano Farmers Markets. We would love to do more farmers markets, particularly on the North Shore, however we are just a small family business and can only do so much! Our farm shop in Agassiz is of course open year round 10am-5pm; we are located 5 minutes from Harrison Hot Springs and just over an hour from West Vancouver. Our shop is on our small dairy farm, where you are welcome to visit the farm animals and watch the cheesemaking through our large windows.

      Our animals are all grass-fed on our farm, no use of antibiotics of anykind, and our meat be ordered for pickup at any of the Farmers Markets that we attend.

      If you have a retailer in mind that you think would be a good fit for selling our grass-fed cheese, non-homogenized milk, and natural yogurt – please pass our information on to them. Customer request is the best way to get our products into stores; this is how our business has grown.

      For a list of our current retailers, check out our new link:

      Thanks for your support, comments and questions! I hope this information helps.

      – Amanda, farmer’s daughter

      • Maria says:

        Thank you for your reply – there just seems to be a discrepancy with the term grass-fed and grass-finished. This excerpt is from the internet and I just thought if your meats were actually grass-finished as well, then perhaps advertising that would bring additional buyers 🙂 If you could clarify in regards to your farm on the following, it would be much appreciated!

        In contrast, grass fed is currently being used in reference to any animal that 1.) was fed a grass-based diet prior to grain finishing or 2.) an animal raised on pasture but butchered while still in a growth or immature stage. This results in meat that is just like conventional feedlot beef (1) or beef that is very lean and contains little fat (2).

        The Importance of Grass Finished

        This term is much more descriptive of what we want. Grass finished means the animal has reached physical maturity and was kept on grass while developing exterior and intramuscular fat. No grain is ever fed to grass finished animals and this process will typically take from 24-36 months (compared to the 18-20 months for feedlot cattle). This is the largest factor why true grass finished beef will cost more than feedlot beef or lower quality grass fed beef. It is also why grass finished has superior health benefits and eating experience.

        • All our animals are grass-finished, as described above. To clarify, we only raise a few animals for meat a year. Our sheep wander our 30 acre farm, 15 years ago our small flocks of sheep (6) escaped their fence and ever since we just leave them be to eat grass, locking them up only at night for their own safety. They come and go as they please, picking all the best patches of grass to eat. The lambs are raised for approximately 9 months, we only raise a few. For beef, again they are grass-finished, raised to +24 months. We raise Angus beef. To clarify, we only “finish” approx 4 beef animals a year. Goats are not grazers, when we let them outside in the summer, they rarely eat the grass, instead there go to is bark on the trees and blackberry bushes. Primarily they enjoy dried hay from our organic hay farm. We raise heritage Berkshire pigs (2-4) a year, up until this year it was only for our own use, however the meat is so good, we feel we must share. As pigs do not eat grass or hay, we grind our own certified organic grain fresh using our onsite grain mill. These lucky pigs are fed whey from our on farm cheese plant and left over milk.

          Our meat is primarily for our family consumption, however due to repeat requests from customers who are looking for a source of meat where they know the animals were happily raised,, we started selling some out of our shop. This is only a side-line to our primary business of selling our handmade cheeses and dairy products. I hope I answered all your questions.

  3. Lori Kininmont says:

    Hello…I have been exploring your website today and really enjoying myself! I have also visited your farmhouse where my husband and I purchased a variety of cheeses and a couple of bison roasts in early December.
    I noticed today that you are sourcing a supplier of happily raised animals and I wonder if you are aware of KINE meats?
    The actual ranch is located in Williams Lake, BC and there is a storefront in an industrial area of Richmond that is open M,W,F & Saturdays. Perhaps, here is someone to contact? or call 604-241-2333 in Richmond BC

    I have purchase some of their products and enjoyed them immensely.
    I look forward to another lovely visit to the Farmhouse in the very near future! For the time being, though, I am going to make sure that I get to the Steveston Farmer’s market coming up this weekend!
    Best regards!

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